Technocad Civil Engineering Software

The ‘Civil Engineer’s Choice’ in feature rich affordable civil engineering software!

Our Civil Engineering software products are designed for making civil engineering infrastructure design productive and profitable. Technocad Civil Engineering Software also offers the extremely productive Rebar detailing and scheduling software – guaranteed to make you more productive! Technocad are also Authorised Autodesk Resellers and are the most experienced company focusing on Civil Engineering Application software in sub-Saharan Africa.

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RoadMate Software for AutoCAD (and derivative products) is designed to make road design easy. RoadMate software is part of the Techocad urban design software suite for the design and automated draughting of civil engineering urban services (such as Digital Terrain … Continue reading
PipeMate-3D Software for AutoCAD (and derivative products) was developed for the design of gravity pipe reticulation systems such as sewers and stormwater drainage network systems. Design a complete network in one pass – no more laborious manual checking of pipe … Continue reading
WaterMate Software for AutoCAD (and derivative products) handles the analysis and simulation of pressurised water reticulation systems. No more time consuming typing in of data – WaterMate allows you to enter data graphically and see your results graphically! Runs inside … Continue reading
SurfMate Digital Terrain Modelling Software for AutoCAD (and derivative products) allows you to do sophisticated design/analysis, such as optimised terrace/platform design incorporating soil bulking factors. Check out this feature and more! Still the fastest digital terrain modelling software running inside … Continue reading
RebarMate Software for AutoCAD (and derivative products), has been designed to make your reinforced concrete detailing and scheduling tasks simple and cost effective. RebarMate will pay for itself on your first project, with it’s simple to use professional bar call-off … Continue reading