Technocad has products for the civil engineering industry, mining and mapping.


For road design and draughting. Both horizontal and vertical design functionality is included, together with volumetric calculations. All setting out information done for you! Runs inside AutoCAD.

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For the design of gravity pipe reticulation systems such as sewers and stormwater drainage systems. Design a complete network in one pass – no more laborious manual checking of pipe branch intersections! Runs inside AutoCAD.

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For the analysis and simulation of pressurised water reticulation systems. No more time consuming typing in of data – WaterMate allows you to enter data graphically and see your results graphically! Runs inside AutoCAD.

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SurfMate allows you to do sophisticated design/analysis, such as optimised terrace/platform design incorporating soil bulking factors. Check out this feature and more! Still the fastest digital terrain modelling software running inside AutoCAD.

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RebarMate is our reinforced concrete detailing and scheduling software, which runs inside inside AutoCAD. Can detail and call-off virtually any reinforcement configuration – if you can draw it, you can call the bars off. Schedules to BS and SANS standards, but can be configured for others as well. Schedule layout can be configured to your choice. Massive amount of error checking done for you; check out how you can literally half the time spent on detailing and scheduling reinforcement.

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With DatumMate you can perform Datum transformations on AutoCAD drawings – no DXF files required! Designed especially for the new Hartebeesthoek94 Datum for South Africa, based on the WGS84 ellipsoid. Gives the most accurate datum transformation solutions for software running inside AutoCAD.

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AutoTURN is a dynamic, advanced CAD-based software tool specifically created for the transportation design professional. This innovative and timesaving program puts you firmly in control of analyzing and evaluating vehicle manoeuvres for projects such as intersections, roundabouts, bus terminals, loading bays or any on or off-street projects that may involve access, clearance, and manoeuvrability checks.

This practical and visual tool, which includes the powerful SmartPath Tools’ suite of dynamic simulation modes, lets you witness firsthand how a vehicle traverses a path in live-animated simulations with no guesswork needed. And because AutoTURN incorporates guidelines for minimum turn radii, transition curves, superelevation, and lateral friction from known standards such as AASHTO ‘Green Book’, you can be confident in your evaluations.

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ParkCAD is a user-friendly program that lets you generate conceptual parking lot designs and test “what-if” scenarios in seconds. Designing parking lots has never been easier or faster!

ParkCAD’s powerful database engine “remembers” your parking module parameters, island properties, and other dimensional elements, and lets you instantly create parking rows, customized stalls, and complete lots with just a few mouse clicks without the need for tedious re-calculations or re-drafting.

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